LavaGrip replaces ice melt, salt, and chemicals. For so long society has been using these materials to keep roads and sidewalks safe, that we tend to have our winter norm of purchasing these the moment winter hits. However, have we ever stopped and thought about the environmental impact that these products have? Do we know how harmful ice melt, salt, and chemicals can be to the marine life, our property, our streets? Over the years, society has come to accept the fact that these products will produce some form of damage but that it outweighs the damage that comes from car accidents, slips and falls on ice, lawsuits for poor property maintenance, not being able to drive to work or to school, and so much more. Here at LavaGrip Traction-Aid, we want people to be able to prevent all of this and more. LavaGrip replaces ice melt, salt, and chemiclas without the negative impact that it causes to the environment, the streets, and ourselves. LavaGrip gives you instant traction the moment you apply it onto icy surfaces. We’ve developed an eco-friendly ice melt alternative that consists of 100% organic material – Lava Rocks. We source the Lava from our volcano in British Columbia, Canada, and then package and ship it across North America for consumers to feel what this traction-aid can do for you.

We are always excited to deliver a jug of LavaGrip to a new customer because once they use it, they Love It!

Stay tuned for more posts about our journey as LavaGrip Traction-Aid and how we create a new winter norm.