The first ice control plan that usually comes to mind in winter conditions is a salt based chemical to melt the ice.  BUT… do you know how harmful that can be to the environment and your pets? Your furry four legged friends deserve better! Keep reading to find out what ice control plan is the safest for your pets.

Dangers Of Melting The Ice 

Ice control plans containing salt and additive chemicals are extremely hazardous to have around your home.. ESPECIALLY if you are a pet owner. Your pets love to go out and play in the snow with you, but the salt in these chemical ice control methods will have your dogs consuming the snow as a tasty snack. It may be so tasty to them that they even go straight to the bag to get it straight from the source. Ingesting these products will leave your pets with anywhere from an upset stomach to tremors and seizures or worse. Even without being ingested, these products can leave your pet’s paws irritated, bleeding or even burned.

Did you know that most “Pet-Friendly” products can still be harmful enough to your pets to cause an upset stomach?

Your furry friends deserve better.

The Solution

Is there a solution to these ridiculous and hazardous methods? OF COURSE! Traction aids are the best pet friendly solution to minimizing painful slips and falls on the ice. Traction aids work when applied over the icy surface. This applies traction so that shoes and boots can grip the ice without harming your pets or the environment 

What Is The Best Traction Aid To Have This Winter?

LavaGrip is a Canadian sourced and pet-safe traction aid. There are so many benefits to using this method. It is 100% organic and non corrosive which means it won’t be harmful to your pets if consumed. LavaGrip is also reusable and with its high visibility because of its black color, it can easily be swept up for its next use. This traction aid is also the smartest decision because while salty chemical based ice control plans stop working after a certain temperature, LavaGrip works at any temperature. We really recommend using LavaGrip to help keep you AND your pets safe this Winter.

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