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For commercial clients, send us an email and we will send you your pallet within 48hrs.



For Commercial clients interested in purchasing by the pallet, contact us here.

Along with our popular 4.5 kg jugs, we offer LavaGrip in 16 kg bags, and 8 kgs bags.

LavaGrip is black pumice (lapillo), a natural lightweight aggregate. Black pumice is a volcanic glass of low density and high surface porosity (60%).

Its naturally jagged and uneven shape allows LavaGrip to imbed itself in snow and ice offering instant traction. Unlike sand, which is naturally round and will roll as forward pressure is applied, LavaGrip offers superior grip on wet or icy surfaces. And the shape doesn’t have enough surface area for the lava to stick to footwear so it doesn’t track into your home or business!

Due to its low density, repeated heavy mechanical traffic will slowly break down LavaGrip and spread the product across a wider area while offering continued traction.

LavaGrip’s dark black colour and porous structure absorbs and retains the sun’s heat, slowly melting the surrounding ice and snow.

LavaGrip is an eco-friendly product, 100% natural, and chemically inert with a neutral pH of 6.2.  It is pet-friendly and the end of season disposal is safe and efficient as LavaGrip can be swept into gardens or lawns with no negative effects to the surrounding soil and vegetation.

Or if you want, you can sweep up LavaGrip at the end of the season and keep it for next year!  It is truly sustainable in every sense.

Click here to see how to use LavaGrip.

1 review for Pallet – Commercial Use

  1. Darryl Z

    The feedback from the schools is positive. Your product is easy to apply and works well to add traction to icy areas. It is cleaner than sand and easy to apply. It is comparably light weight vs sand and sticks well to the icy areas it is applied to.

    It is a staple in our ice control plan.

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