LavaGrip for Commercial Buyers

LavaGrip is in large retail stores across Canada and we are quickly growing. Today’s customers across North America are looking for environmentally friendly products to help preserve the beautiful earth we live on. There is a growing demand for organic, sustainable, and natural products, and LavaGrip is one of them. Consumers can’t wait to get their hands on a product that they can use freely without any feeling of guilt. No more using products sparingly because you can use as much LavaGrip as you want and you won’t damage the envrionment.

Not only is LavaGrip good for the environment, but it’s also non-corrosive, making consumers love it because they love their property and expensive cars as well. This natural traction aid is good for both the earth and your expensive investments. No wonder consumers across North America are purchasing LavaGrip.

You’ll love LavaGrip so much that you’ll start using LavaGrip in front of your store, office, or at home. Send us an email and we’ll get back to you within 24 hrs.