Today’s Alternative to Salt and Ice Melt 

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The Original “Anti Slip”

  • Organic and Non-Corrosive
  • Doesn’t Track
  • Canadian Source
  • Works In Any Temperature
  • Pet Friendly
  • Re-Usable, Doesn’t Dissolve
  • High Visibility

LavaGrip is a completely natural traction-aid alternative to road salt and chemicals.

Even better than environmentally friendly road salt.

It’s the natural road salt and de-icer alternative that the planet has been waiting for.

What People Are Saying

That Lava Grip works awesome!  The snow stayed soft and not compacted into ice.  I didn’t slip walking to the house.

Angela Heatley


We use Lava Grip.  It works right away as soon as you apply it to the ground. Well worth on having in the emergency truck.



It’s a crushed volcanic pumice that doesn’t melt the ice.  It provides instant traction on the slickest of sidewalks or driveways.


Kerrisdale Lumber

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