#1 Traction Aid at delivering Traction and Safety on Ice as per Independent Laboratory Testing

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The Original “Anti Slip”

  • Non-Corrosive and Insoluble
  • Reduces Tracking
  • Canadian Source
  • Works In Any Temperature
  • 100% Pet Safe
  • Re-Usable
  • High Visibility
  • Enhanced Safety

Natural Traction-Aid for Icy Surfaces

LavaGrip is a 100% Eco-Friendly Traction-Aid for those wanting to complete their ice control plan and enhance safety. The unique shape of our lava gives the perfect grip on ice that can’t be achieved by other commonly-used traction-aids. LavaGrip is a pure product made in Canada. Sourced from our volcano in Quesnel, BC. We extract, process, and package the product in Canada.

Safe to use on all types of new concrete and bridges as it does not void warranties like road salt and chemical deicer. 

What is LavaGrip made out of?

We sustainably source and process our lava from our private volcano in Quesnel, BC. It is 100% lava rocks and shaped perfectly so that it gives you instant traction on icy surfaces. 

Is it safe for Pets?

Yes, LavaGrip is 100% Pet Safe and safe for pets to walk on without harming their paws. LavaGrip is organic and contains no harmful chemicals for pets or wildlife.

Will it Dissolve?

No, LavaGrip will not dissolve and disappear into the soil or water streams. It stays in place making it reusable. Or you can sweep it into your garden to serve as a soil conditioner.

Will it work in any temperature?
Yes! LavaGrip is a traction-aid that will continue to give you traction on icy surfaces in any temperature.
Does it melt the ice?
No, LavaGrip will not melt the ice. Instead, it gives you instant traction on icy surfaces, keeping you safe on icy patches that seems to never melt.
Is it safe on New Concrete?

Yes, LavaGrip is safe to use on New Concrete. Just to be sure, we always recommend testing it out in a small area first. Just in case.

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What People Are Saying

That Lava Grip works awesome!  The snow stayed soft and not compacted into ice.  I didn’t slip walking to the house.
Angela Heatley


We use Lava Grip.  It works right away as soon as you apply it to the ground. Well worth on having in the emergency truck.


It’s a crushed volcanic pumice that doesn’t melt the ice.  It provides instant traction on the slickest of sidewalks or driveways.

Kerrisdale Lumber

See How LavaGrip Works


Ice Melt, Salt, and Chemicals damage your sidewalks, driveways, property, and cars, increasing your property maintenance and repair cost. LavaGrip will not damage your property and even when used in conjunction to salt and chemicals, it helps reduce the amount of corrosive product used. 

Pet Friendly

Ice Melt and Chemicals causes a lot of pain to your pet’s paws. In an attempt to remove this pain, innocent pets lick and inevitably consume this toxic material. That is why pet owners love our product. LavaGrip is 100% Pet Safe. No more irritating paws or toxic snacks for your pets.

Works In Any Temperature

Ice Melt and Chemicals only work up to a certain temperature. Despite the large amounts of chemcials and harmful ingredients used, these winter safety solutions do not work in every temperature. LavaGrip gives you instant traction the moment you step on an icy surface and stays in place throughout cold snaps. 

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Ice Control Plans For Pet Owners

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