Our Story

LavaGrip was borne out of CanLava Mining Corp in 2018.  CanLava is a Canadian mining company headquartered in British Columbia and has been in business since 2012.  This is when we started selling LavaGrip.  Distribution is now across Canada and into the United States.

LavaGrip is sourced from a volcano known as the Nazko Cone.  It is 90 kilometers west of Quesnel, BC. and the mine is on the traditional territory of the Nazko First Nation.  Environmental stewardship and supporting the Nazko community as well as the Nazko Economic Development Corporation (NEDC) are among our top priorities.  We are proud that partial proceeds from every bag or jug of LavaGrip go to NEDC.

As traction has grown (pun intended!) we have found fun ways to educate Canadians about LavaGrip.  We send out mailers, advertise digitally and on tv and in 2018, we were invited on to Dragons’ Den.  Look it up onYoutube – it was a fun segment.

We are now in more than 1,200 retail outlets.  As well, LavaGrip is used by multiple commercial enterprises, landlords and municipalities across the country.  This is just the beginning for LavaGrip as we continue to grow.  If you don’t have LavaGrip in your local store, shoot us an email and we will get you some.