Watch how LavaGrip is used.

LavaGrip is very easy to use

How often do I need to apply LavaGrip?

LavaGrip needs to be applied after a fresh snow fall. Remove or sweep away loose snow, sprinkle some LavaGrip on the ground, then reapply again after the next snow fall. You don’t need to apply LavaGrip until the next snow fall, so depending on where you live, you might not need to apply any ice maintenance product for a few days or a few weeks!

What happens to LavaGrip after the snow melts?

Good question. At the end of the season, or after the ice melts, LavaGrip will still stay in place. You will see LavaGrip on the pathway and on the sides of the path where you sweeped up some snow throughout the season. Simply sweep LavaGrip up and use it again next year, or sweep it into your garden to serve as a natural fertilizer.

How much LavaGrip do I need to apply?

A little bit of LavaGrip goes a long way. For medium coverage, we recommend using 3 ounces of LavaGrip to cover a 10 square footage surface area.