Environmental Stewardship

We are proud that LavaGrip is a sustainable and organic product. 

Don’t Fight the Ice, Use LavaGrip!

LavaGrip is completely organic.  It is made of volcanic rock.  It has a pH of 6.2 and is inert.  Here is our Material Safety Data Sheet based on laboratory testing.

At the end of the season, if desired, LavaGrip can be swept into gardens and lawns without concern about damaging vegetation. In fact, it is actually GOOD for your garden because it serves as a natural fertilizer.

LavaGrip is GOOD for your Garden

The natural chemical composition in LavaGrip helps enrich your soil to give your flowers and plants the nutrients that they need to grow big and healthy. Take a look at how LavaGrip is used as a landscaping agent.

Our commitment to the environment does not stop there. We sustainably source, process, then package our lava from our private volcano in Quesnel, BC. Our volcano is located in an area so remote and natural that some areas have never been walked on by humans. We are committed to keep it that way and source only what is needed.  

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