Client Testimonials

I bought a trailer load of LavaGrip for the 2019-20 winter season.  We used it on our paved and concrete surfaces.  I would describe our use of LavaGrip as a major success.  It provides superior grip so enhanced the safety of our workers.  It tracks less so our buildings were much cleaner.  It is environmentally friendly and we had to put it down less than the amount of chemical and salt we usually use.

Our workers loved using it.  It didn’t burn through their gloves and clothing.

Suncor Energy


Who uses LavaGrip?

We use LavaGrip.  It works right away as soon as you apply it to the ground. Well worth on having in the emergency truck.



That LavaGrip works awesome!  The snow stayed soft and not compacted into ice.  I didn’t slip walking to the house.

Angela Heatley


LavaGrip was truly a lifesaver last winter when we went through the “salt crisis”. Since then, we have had many people requesting Lava Grip over salts and ice melt. Did you know that LavaGrip is environmentally friendly and uses the heat from the sun to melt your ice away? When you’re finished with it, it can be swept into your garden and acts as a soil enhancer! This weekend, temperatures are supposed to reach freezing so make sure you’re prepared!


Kerrisdale Lumber