What is LavaGrip?

LavaGrip is a 100% Eco-Friendly traction aid for icy surfaces that is completely non-corrosive, reusable, works in any temperature, and 100% pet safe

LavaGrip’s extremely vesicular nature is what gives it the ability to deliver superior traction on slippery surfaces. The material is filled with circular vesicles and as these vesicles reach the surface of the material they end up covering the surface of the material with hollow circles, and all of these hollow circles’ have outer rims that act as traction agents biting into surfaces and providing superior grip when downward pressure is then applied. Also, LavaGrip is very durable so through the crushing process additional edges and points are created which further enable the material to provide additional traction. LavaGrip is also black in colour allowing it to absorb the sun’s heat which then further enables it to embed itself into the slippery surface delivering superior traction. These unique characteristics specific to LavaGrip are what make it the #1 available traction aid on the market when it comes to delivering traction and safety.

LavaGrip closeup

The end of season disposal is safe and efficient as LavaGrip can be swept into gardens or lawns with no negative effects to the surrounding soil and vegetation.

Or if you want, you can sweep up LavaGrip and keep it for next year! It is truly sustainable in every sense.

Chemical Composition: 

LavaGrip is made of Black Vesicular Lava Rock, a natural lightweight aggregate. Black Vesicular Lava Rock is a volcanic glass of low density and high surface porosity (60%).

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Soil, Cheese Brine, Pickle Brine, Garlic Salt, Beet Molasses, Potato Juice, Tomato Juice, Coffee Grounds, Brewery by-products, and the list goes on. These are all some of the popular organic alternatives to road salt. Now, LavaGrip joins the list but as a natural traction-aid. The pure volcanic lava is black pumice/vesicular basalt which makes it completely organic. LavaGrip consists of no hazardous ingredients or decomposition products. It is inert and non-corrosive. That’s what makes it extremely sustainable. 

Road Salt, Salt Blends, Calcium Chloride, and other chemicals are traditional ways to treat winter road and sidewalks. Few are aware of the detrimental side effects that this winter weather norm is causing on the environment. When the snow melts, the chemically charged particles runs into the environment, increasing the sodium and chloride levels in the water and soil. The change in sodium and chloride level in water can cause harm to people and pets and can be deadly to aquatic life.

LavaGrip is completely natural and organic. People use it in fish tanks and even filter water through it. Watch David drink water with lava instead of ice. The Dragons on Dragons’ Den were quite impressed with this drink.


LavaGrip has a pH of 6.2; nearly neutral. This means that LavaGrip is non-corrosive and won’t cause damage to shoes, concrete, vehicles, and buildings. Road salt and chemical de-icers cause damage to your property because they dissolve into the property, causing permanent damage such as cracks, rust, and pot holes. This results in pre-mature aging of infrastructure calling for early replacement of sidewalks, entry floors and doors, or thousands in property repair costs. LavaGrip is better than traditional road salt or other chemicals because you it’s completely non-corrosive.

Road salt on streets also does incredible damage to your car. The chemical reaction of road salt + water + air results in rust on your car. Over time, the rust damages the exterior and the hydraulic brake system of your car. In the past, most thought that rusty cars were inevitable. With LavaGrip, you no longer need to accept the fact that your valuable car is slowly rusting away because LavaGrip is a non-corrosive alternative to salt and chemicals that also performs better than road salt at making surfaces safe.

When used in combination with salt and chemicals, LavaGrip stays in place until moved. This calls for fewer applications of both LavaGrip and salt or chemicals. You can still realize the benefits of LavaGrip even without making the full transition to LavaGrip. 

Works in Any Temperature

The beautiful thing about LavaGrip is that it works in all temperatures no matter how cold it gets. Salt stops working at -6C (21.2F) and even chemicals stop at a certain point (and think what is in them to make them keep working below freezing – it can’t be good!). LavaGrip works in any temperature. It’s even better than salt because you can still keep your pathways and sidewalks safe regardless of the temperature.

LavaGrip is special because it keeps gripping in extremely low temperatures, no matter how cold it gets. It also has unparalleled shelf life – it’s been around for 7,000 years and has survived some of the harshest climates. It’ll keep you safe for many years to come. Get a jar of LavaGrip and come witness firsthand what it can do for you!

100% Pet Safe

Your four-legged family members and members of nature will thank you for using LavaGrip. In 2001, Environment Canada declared road salt as “toxic”. This has been harming animals in the past, but fear no more. No more hurt paws from the burn of salt and chemicals. LavaGrip is so natural that its inert and doesn’t burn or irritate paws. Your pet will no longer feel the immediate need to lick off any irritant, and you can freely let your pets out in yard.

It’s not just the animals at home. Wildlife will no longer come for the taste of road salt. To animals, salt creates abnormalities and death, but they are unable to detect that this foreign substance will cause them harm in the long term. With LavaGrip, you don’t need to worry about attracting wildlife, nor will you need to worry about any harm that your traction aid may cause your furry friends.

LavaGrip keeps you and all animals safe so make the switch today.


Have you ever wondered where left-over salt and chemicals go? They seem to miraculously disappear but there’s a bit more to this. From the tons of salt dumped onto the roads in the winter months, 99% of this slowly soaks into the environment. Think about it…in the past, we had to buy salt and chemicals that would eventually be left in the Earth and find their way into lakes, ponds, and the ocean.

With LavaGrip, you get to keep what you paid for because it’s a reusable alternative. At the end of the season, simply sweep up the leftover lava and use it again next year. One bag of LavaGrip will keep you safe for a long time. Pound for pound, salt and chemical may appear less costly but those products disappear after the first use. LavaGrip stays in place during icy conditions and only needs to be reapplied sparingly until it snows. LavaGrip is a more cost-effective way to treat slippery conditions. If you plan on getting any snow this year (or the year after that) LavaGrip is the way to go.

If you choose not to reuse LavaGrip, no worries! After a long winter being covered in snow, your garden could use some tender loving care as well. LavaGrip will do the trick because it makes a great natural fertilizer for your soil. Salt and chemicals burn grass and other vegetation but LavaGrip helps them grow!

High Visibility

Have you ever looked outside and had to think twice whether you salted your driveway? How can you tell with white salt? LavaGrip is naturally black, making it easy to see if you already de-iced your driveway or if you got an extra layer of snow overnight. Not only does it allow you to know if you need to re-apply some LavaGrip, but it also prompts others to let them know that they’re encountering a slippery area. LavaGrip makes it easier for you to warn visitors of dangerous areas on your property or at your home. You’re not only keeping yourself safe, but you’re also keeping others safe. This also allows you to show off your unique lava, making your property the envy to everyone who walks by.