How to Use LavaGrip:

LavaGrip is pretty easy to use. Simply follow the following steps and you’ll have a safe sidewalk in the winter.

  1. Remove or plow loose snow.
  2. Spread LavaGrip over slippery surface.
  3. Test traction carefully by walking on it.
  4. Add LavaGrip as needed to attain desired traction.
  5. Re-assess surfaces at regular intervals and after precipitation.

The amount of LavaGrip you use is based on your observations…but don’t skimp – after all, it stays in place in between snowfalls. When more snow falls, simply reapply LavaGrip but you will find that you have to make fewer applications than you would with salt or chemical. Not only will this save you both time and money, at the end of the season, you can sweep up LavaGrip so that you can use it again and again and again……

Just beware that LavaGrip retains quite a bit of water so keep it in your garage or inside the front door so it doesn’t freeze together…makes it easier to spread!